Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Blade 180 - Oxy 210 Rotor Characteristics

Product source is ebay seller amain. Item "OXY2-081 OXY Heli Plastic Main Blade 210mm (Orange) (2)"

The airfoil profile is (NASA predecessor)NACA0015. The symmetrical airfoil is generally known to have the center of pressure CP at quarter blade width from the leading edge during cruise flight when the attack angle is smaller than 2-3 degrees in the research paper. As shown in the picture below, the CP point is at 17.5mm/4 = 4.375mm from the leading edge but the bolting is at 4.3mm, so, when the attack angle is very small, it has perpetual pitch suppression. The research measurement also shows that the airfoil has perpetual up-pitching torque at a cruise attack angle of 6 degrees because of the "center of pressure moving forward of the quarter chord". 

When the mechanical margin of error is added between the actuator servos and the actual blade position, the blade angle shifts as the following timeline.

This means that a large slop gap can result in an unstable craft. And in the above example depiction, the slop should be improved from 3.2 degrees to 3 degrees to escape the perpetual pitch suppression slump. And to avoid over-correction, the slop needs to be smaller than 2.1 degrees.

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