Thursday, December 28, 2017

Converged IoT Developer Platform

I installed the most popular utility drone motor on the most popular hobby helicopter for IOT/MQTT/COAP research, to see what happened. It flew for 28 minutes straight, breaking the world record of any commercial platform of 250 grams. The fuselage is Blade230 or BSR body, main motor is T-motor 4004 or Emax 2808, intended for Tarot 650 utility inspection drone. Main rotor is 210 sized helicopter parts from Oxy2 helicopter. Tail motor is taken from cinematic whoop quadcopter. The fuselage is less than 7 dollars a piece. Wouldn't that be nice if highways have tiny aerial patrol cameras to broadcast the video of traffic accidents and phones urge motorists to get out of the high way at the exits before lining up behind the traffic jam?

Accident video or not, the implication was that drone swarm is all but around us, and "they" are just brewing it in stealth mode or are oblivious of the ready solutions. Simply by meshing different components of different products brings out world-record new "things". Capitals should be ready for million scale swarm deployments as the norm. Internet operators need to get ready to deploy million scale IP addresses, unlicensed by any communication or transportation regulations, all with mobile  access. Software needs to scale up to handle 1 million entities, everything starting with 1 million. 

Part listing is in the following table. Shipping discount for multiple items from a vendor has been applied. No volume discounts are used.

The entire craft can be built without a machineshop and repaired by gig workers in a car.  Only used light hand tools and light electric tools that can be powered from car battery.

CC3D configuration for LibrePilot  782
And the working videos follow,


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