Friday, March 20, 2020


1. 50-gram motors powerful enough for 250 gram helicopter direct drive acrobatics is available from multiple vendors.

2. Single rotor does have slightly better fuel economy and endurance than quadcopters, as calculated according to mechanical physics.

3. Main rotor cage and servo cage geometry is congruent between Blade 230S V2 and BSR helicopter frames. Interchangeable parts are readily off the shelf.

4. Sub-6 gram servos for acrobatics is available, but only 1 brand has integrated fast response fast enough for comprehensive acrobatics and terminal speed diving .
    The servos are compatible from different vendors. Needed physical hacks already done.

5. Blade 180 and Oxy 210 rotor head parts are compatible with Blade 230, exception DFC link that needs hacking.

6. Receiver needs anti-noise arrangement for the direct drive motor system.

7. 1105 low rpm motors are sufficient for this 250 gram heli with clever prop selection.

8. Servo saver mod suffices for craft durability comparable to quadcopters.

9. Blade 230S V2 body suffices for craft durability comparable to quadcopters.

10. Blade balancing and stabilization tricks enables unprecedented FPV maneuverability for helicopter. All it takes is 2-3 times on-field training for a person to hear the difference between the fine dynamic balance and the coarse balance in an outdoor setting. However, this balancing process can not be further abridged to fully match quadcopter's build/operating simplicity.

11. At least 2 very good radio TX/RX combinations are available.

12. PID for longitudinal pitch is 3 times larger than craft rolling PID. I gain needs to be very large for cyclic control. D gain is not appropriate for cyclic control, but large D gain is needed for yaw control.
      Cyclic PIDs are inversely proportional to rotor RPM.

13. The elevated RPM for video presentation trades off flight endurance and flight time.

14. Clever TX curves and setups allows pleasant landing, approaching the ease of use of quadcopters.

15. Extreme light weight FPV transmission for urban adrenaline stunts is quite affordable.

16. Conventional rotor hub setup suffices and trumps tricky retaining mechanisms.

17. Conventional ESC suffices and trumps bleeding edge development products.

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