Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rehabilitate The Tarnished IoT Drone Image

OK, It is not hard to fly the helicopter with a joystick on any computer with LibrePilot ground control station and CC3D Revolution board. As a weekend project, this is a discussion continuation from forum. The only material needed is a thin wire soldered to the RF connector's underside. Take out the original board , which weighs almost the same as the CC3D Revo board. 

And the ground control station setting is as below.

Notice that the last picture is OPLink viewed from vehicle's perspective while ground OPLink unit is off the computer.

And below is the flight data at the moment of touch down landing.

This is all fun and game. But why does everybody hate drones? Why does everybody want the well organized iPhone? A microcontroller is just not a highly organized thing like iPhone/iPad/iMac . All those loved things have many, many microcontrollers and much much higher organized operating system. What is missing in the fun and game pictures?

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