Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rehabilitate The Tarnished Drone Image

OK, This is how to fly the helicopter with a joystick on any computer with LibrePilot ground control station. This is a discussion continuation from forum. Materials needed are,

Extra battery 150mAH 45C with connector4.3 grams
CC3D Revolution board8 grams
6mm pillars , 4 pcs0.8 grams
Thin wire as 433 MHz antenna0.0? grams
Clear tape0.0? grams
ESC for tail motor with power wire0.7 grams
Total 13.8 grams

Taking out the original board and canopy that are 2.8 grams and 4 grams respectively. So, total weight gain is 7 grams. The original v977 can lift payload of about 15 grams.

The extra battery only powers Revo board. All servos and all motors are powered by original ESC-BEC. The extra battery shares ground with original ESC-BEC. 

And the ground control station setting is as below.

Notice that the last picture is OPLink viewed from vehicle's perspective while ground OPLink unit is off the computer.

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